History Consulting

The goal of my work as a consultant is to help you tell a story, whether it is about your family, business, or a place that you love.  You may have a particular story in mind or simply feel that this history needs to be explored, but through the process of research and listening there will inevitably be surprises that shift your understanding of this history.  The discovery process itself can help to determine how to bring the story to life, for other people to understand the value of this history, and the best way to preserve and present it to the next generation.  



FAQs: Click on the links below for more information, if you have further questions please contact me directly.


All projects start with research. While this will always be collaborative work, we can decide at the outset how involved you want to be in the process from sitting for interviews to having me coach you for your own visit to the archives. The options for presenting the findings are similarly varied: as an article, a short book or memoir, as a powerpoint to be presented, an interactive website, or as a filmed documentary.


I will use my skills as a researcher, writer, producer, and web builder, however for certain aspects of each project I will work with collaborators on illustrations or filming to ensure that you receive the highest quality work. If there are freelancers that you prefer to work with then we can work with them instead.

Rates and Projects

Projects are generally worked on at my hourly rate with deliverable fees included in the contract for meeting an agreed upon series of deliverables. Travel and other expenses incurred are additional. Bills are sent out on a monthly basis.


Larger projects such as books and documentaries should be expected to take over a year to complete. Smaller projects can be completed in a much shorter time frame. I work quickly and efficiently, but I will not risk hurting the quality of the work by rushing.